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“So this is the new year… and I don’t feel any different…”
– Death Cab For Cutie

It’s the first week of 2018, so I figured I’d stop by the old blog and talk about… what else? Resolutions and what I expect out of the year.


  1. Health – Like everyone else in this world, I first and foremost want NEED to get my health in check this year. I have many reasons for this besides the fact that I want to look good. For starters, our convalidation (wedding) ceremony is planned for next year, and I need to be at a good weight to… dun dun dun, start having babies. C and I have started (officially, today) to do the Ketogenic diet after seeing amazing results from my cousin. We’ll see how this goes.
  2. Career – If things go perfectly this year, I’d be working a full-time job in a field relevant to my degree. That’s hoping for a lot, but it’s still the goal.
  3. Travel – I have to make room for travel goals or else it won’t happen. This year, we’ve decided that we absolutely have to go to Lake Tahoe, Cabo, Hawaii for Christmas, and one other city (possibly New Orleans, Chicago, or Washington DC) before the year is over.
  4. Etc. – Some other things I want to do this year: write a will with C, read more, write more, keep track of all the movies/books/music I enjoy, call my parents more often, and do an hour of Tagalog and Ilocano every day. Self-improvement is the theme.

This year, I’m officially in wedding planning mode, which is so exciting. After three years of marriage and six years of talking about the wedding we always wanted, it’s finally happening! Next weekend, C and I are headed back to Hawaii for my cousin’s funeral. I figure we’d do some wedding planning while we’re there. A few days ago, I learned that the Hawaii Bridal Expo is happening the same weekend, so we’re going to stop by. We’re also going to check out the reception venue we had in mind.

C is planning on going back into the military, but the Reserves instead. He also has training for his job lined up. This either means more long distance for us or more opportunities for us to travel, depending on whether or not I decide to follow him (because, fortunately, I can!) This also means that this year I am forced to be more independent. I’m thankful to have some friends here in San Diego now to help me cope with the loneliness.

That’s all I’ll cover for now. I hope everyone has a fantastic 2018.


Colorado (Photos!)

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I. Loved. Colorado.

For the long Labor Day weekend we had, we decided to visit C’s brother while he’s stationed up in Colorado Springs.

C and I always knew we’d like Colorado based on what we’ve seen online and heard from friends, but we didn’t expect to fall in love so hard. We wanted to join the rafters we saw going down the rivers, go fishing on the lakes, jump into the waters, climb all the mountains…

BEAUTIFUL is the only way to describe the place, truly.

In some years when C is done with his this first reserve enlistment with the Navy, we plan on moving out of San Diego (sadly). Colorado is a high contender. If we can convince his older brother to move there too, and his younger brother eventually, it’s a done deal.

I hope we’ll be back again one day.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park (Photos!)

With a three day weekend available to us, we decided to spend it at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.

C and I were both born and raised in Hawaii. I used to think that nothing could beat the views Hawaii had to offer, but I was wrong. The ocean is everything to me but these forests and canyons are something we could get used to.

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It still amazes us that we can literally drive four hours and end up in a completely different environment. Five hours from sunny San Diego landed us in forests, canyons, and rivers. Six hours from San Diego and we could end up in Arizona or Nevada, exploring new cities. It’s not a struggle to fly anymore, we just hop in the car and go. No need to save for expensive flights, just money for gas and food along the way.

We love our new lives here outside of Hawaii. Can’t wait for more adventures.