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Disney Movie Club: Terms & Review

(This is my own personal review and not sponsored by Disney or Disney Movie Club)

I love all things Disney, for the reasons that everyone else in the world does and more. When C and I moved to San Diego, getting a Disneyland Annual Pass was my secret mission. It’s been two years since, and we (or at least, I) haven’t looked back.

About a year ago, I started seeing ads for Disney Movie Club. They were offering five Disney movies for $1…. $1?! That’s unreal. But, I signed up for it anyway, because I have no self control whatsoever. About two weeks later, I got my movies in the mail.

Now there’s a reason why it’s called Disney Movie Club. As a club, there are terms that you need to follow. When I first researched it, I was a little nervous about the commitment, but I realized that the terms weren’t so bad and they were something I would go through regardless of being in the club or not.

So, finally, here are the terms:

  1. After you sign up with a credit card to get your 5 movie offer, you must fulfill your commitment purchases of 5 Movies at full Club price.
    (Basically, the normal price of a DVD/Blu-ray whether you buy it in store or online… about $20 or more).
  2. You have 24 months (2 years) to fulfill your commitment.
    (Not bad, right? I did it in six months)
  3. About every 4 weeks, DMC will offer you a feature title in your email (or through the mail, if that’s your preferred form of communication).
    You are not obligated to purchase the feature title.

    In order to avoid being charged for the feature title, you must either reject or accept the offer on the website or through the mail that they send you.
  4. If you do not fulfill your commitment in 24 months, you will be charged the full price for the 5 movies you received as your introductory offer.

DMC isn’t for everyone, but as a person who intended on buying many Disney movies sooner or later for myself and my future children, I could get behind the terms with no problem. A year later and I’m still ordering from them, at least 3 – 4 DVDs at a time, because they constantly offer discounts on buying multiple movies. My collection has flourished.

I would say DMC would not be for you if:

• You don’t care for hard copy DVDs and/or prefer digital copies
• You don’t plan on purchasing many Disney movies (I personally want all of them, some people are only fans of a few films)
• You don’t keep up with your email much (that’s where you need to keep track of your commitment and accepting/rejecting the feature titles)
• You don’t like commitments (not a jab at anyone, but I know many who don’t like phone contracts or gym contracts… so if you’re one of them, you wouldn’t like this)

My recommendations and tips for the club:

• Do things online. I do everything online. Everything through the mail takes longer and there’s always the possibility of your responses getting lost. Online is instant.
They will send you opportunities to order more movies with your movie delivery, but you can literally do all of that and more online.

• Do not forget to accept or reject the feature titles, otherwise they will charge you every month for a movie you probably don’t want. This is where people complain and things go wrong, but as long as you don’t forget, it won’t cause a problem. I have literally rejected almost every feature title with just a click and there were no issues.

• After you’ve fulfilled your commitment, you are instantly in VIP status, where you have amazing discounts and special offers. I’ve gotten free tote bags, VIP pins, and 50% off more movies.

• Don’t forget to sign up for Disney Movie Rewards after you get your first 5 movies. Inside each movie, there’s a code you can input on DisneyMovieRewards.com, and with your points, you can get things! I got a free Snow White Poster, but you could also use the points to get more DVDs! 

Why am I giving all this information? I personally love using DMC to build my collection. Whenever a new Disney movie came out in theaters, I could to pre-order if I wanted (I got Moana this way). They also have special diamond/anniversary/platinum editions of classics that could cost more elsewhere. I decided a long time ago that I would start a Disney movie collection, and this club was my inspiration to just start now.

If you’re interested in signing up for Disney Movie Club, use my referral link for the promo: http://fbuy.me/ek__h

Happy Watching!